Comissioned Portraits

What could be more original and beautiful than giving a portrait as a present? That special person will remember you were the one to make it possible: great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries… And now, I also make portraits inside a comic vignete with the style of the original author, check it here!

Commissioned portraits can be digital as well as traditional, look at these amazing prizes. There is one for you!

Digital portrait– perfect for social media. You can print it in any size and material, and as many times as you want.

From 50€/face and only two days delivery!


Traditional portrait on paper– perfect for wedding presents. Watercolor, acrylic, pencil or charcoal, as you may prefer.

From 150€/face


Traditional portrait on canvas or wood– A little bit more classic, but the great thing is you won´t need to frame them! Acrylic or oil painting.

From 250€/face


Why not depicting yourself as something different or from a different time of history? It´s fun and very original. Usually digital (50€/face) 


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