Character Design


I just started a Character Design Course with Domestika, and wanted to use it for creating the wonderful characters of Ivanhoe, a book I just finished. I started with the Black Kight/ Richard Lionheart.

I´m having fun!


I am now making the characters of The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins. Here, Laura, whose furtune has condemned her to a live of penuries; Marian, her beloved an loyal sister who will try in every way to help her; and Walter their drawing teacher, in love with the first and brave enough to try and revenge her from the one who have betrayed her.



I am creating my own version of some of Harry Potter´s characters. Here, two illustrations in pencil and coloured. For these I have follow the usual process: a sketch made out trditionally with an animation pencil, a scan of the drawing and color added digitally. I have in mind making the four Hogwart´s founders, but I still haven’t had the time. Looking forward to it thought!

For now, I leave you here Godric Gryffindor and Hermione Granger in a very known sceene of the book. Enjoy!


These examples I will show on the next few days are based on the novel The name of the wind, by Patrick Rothfuss.

To create a character you have to know him first. His personality, the way he talks and moves, his main characteristics. After looking at many references, I started drawing Kvothe´s face. Then I drew his body and movements, and after I added clothes and colours.

The rest of the characters come from a briefing about an alternative future where humans and animals have mixed. Society is sharply divided by the different races: crows, felines, reptiles and raptors.

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