My last works

Swing of Flowers

I started a new series of dancers with cool patterns drawn by hand. It is fun and relaxing, and I love the result! Planning on doing a lot of them.

Also, I have made this experiment of a little house with trimmings in Photoshop… we´ll see what this leads to!

House Photoshop BeatrizPorrero_01

I just found out some works I had not seen in a long time, and hadn´t upload to the web. Appart from that, I have been doing quite a number of commissioned portraits this Christmas, that you can see here, as well as many commisions for my new website: ClassicBulletPoint. Have a look!

Lady Among Corals

I had this image inside my head for some days, and here it is!

I finished this concept art for my next project: a comic about a future world where human-like-birds rule the sky as pirates, ships and fish fly and a single human girl is lost. Hope you will enjoy the process, here is also posted the first sketches for the main characters.

Concept Art Magic world in the sky

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